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Become Your Own Marketing Consultant

Startup marketing doesn’t need to be an expensive, complicated & time consuming challenge.


Learn how to use marketing frameworks to build your go-to-market strategy, budget accordingly, target effectively, and, maximize your marketing potential.

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What is Marketing 

The upcoming course will offer a collection of 35+ lessons covering different marketing frameworks & tactics to build your marketing plan and accelerate growth. 


As a Founder and CMO for over 15 years, I’ve (@anthonylatona) collected a number of tools, tactics, tips, tricks and templates to help guide anyone through a long form marketing planning session.


These are the same steps and processes I would use if personally consulting for any type of online business.

Each short lesson comes with an exercise and template to fill in and execute.


Look, specific marketing tactics change all the time. However, the foundational strategies and exercises that have been proven for ages to apply to any product and service.

Do Better Marketing. Step by Step.

This course is structured to link 30+ common marketing questions to various frameworks.  For example:


  •  Who is the ideal customer? Where are they?
  • What should we measure to track success?
  • How can we keep our branding under control throughout the internet and among our team?
  • How can we improve our cold outreach?

Each framework presented will take you through a series of lessons followed by an exercise to generate the best possible answers for the proposed questions.


The course is applicable to any prior level of marketing experience.  

Phased Out Marketing Planning

The overall program is presented in 5 phases, beginning with a planning / kickoff phase. The initial phase is to gather baseline information and organize in a way that will be used for the rest of the process.


In Phase 1, we want to fully understand a 360° view of our customer.


During Phase 2, we take this understanding and create our content plan.


Phase 3 is the “cash” phase. This is where we determine how much we are going to budget and how we’re going to define success.


Phase 4 consists of the strategy process where everything comes together.


Phase 5 is about growth and next steps.  This covers ideas about scaling up and use all the previous frameworks & content in an ongoing manner to continuously improve the marketing iteratively.

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